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The Importance of Sunscreen


The summer season is always associated with outdoor activities, such as sunbathing. As we approach the summer months, it is essential to remember to utilize your sunscreen accordingly. Sunscreens are chemically designed lotions used to protect your skin from various adverse effects of exposure to UV radiation. From a scientific perspective, sunscreens offer your body and skin multiple benefits.


Protection from UV rays


The sun emits a lot of ultraviolet radiation, which is partially filtered by the ozone layer. Increased pollution on the earth gradually depletes the ozone layer, leading to more UV rays getting to the earth’s surface. Using sunscreen lotion on your skin surface helps protect the UV rays from direct contact with your skin.


Reducing the risk of cancer


Science has extensively proven that one of the possible risk factors for cancer is exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Exposure to UV radiation daily increases the risk of developing melanoma of the skin. Studies have proven that applying sunscreen daily can help reduce this risk.


Preventing premature aging


UV rays from the sun can cause what is known as photoaging of the skin surface. Photoaging is characterized by the development of thick, leathery discoloration of the skin surface due to the breakdown of collagen. This causes wrinkles to appear on your skin surface prematurely. The best way to protect against premature aging of your skin is by using sunscreen lotion.


Maintenance of the skin tone


Progressive exposure of your skin to the direct sun is harmful to your skin tone. Applying sunscreen on your skin daily also helps to prevent the discoloration of your skin surface. Failure to use sunscreen this summer may cause your skin to develop some form of sunburn, which causes irregular discoloration and black spots on your skin surface, thereby interfering with your skin tone.


Enhancing skin health


When you apply sunscreen on your skin surface, you not only protect your skin from harmful UV radiation but also offer valuable protection to your skin proteins, including collagen and keratin, from rapid degradation as a result of exposure to UV rays. These skin proteins, as well as elastin, are part of what makes your skin smooth and healthy.